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We are constantly investing and have recently upgraded to the latest laptops and prompter monitors. This has meant that all our kits are now wireless and battery power compatible. We also use our own bespoke software which has been designed in house to provide the most seamless experience for your production crew on any shoot however demanding. 

For direct-to-lens camera reads

On Camera Units
(15" / 17" / 19")

On Camera Units (15" / 17" / 19")

On Camera Units (15" / 17" / 19")

  • 15-20 meter reading distance

  • Daylight readable

  • Hood Clearance for 16mm standard or 24mm anamorphic lenses

  • Integrated tripod mounting or independent stand mounting options

  • Universal fitting. We have two types of unit. Our ‘Broadcast Kit’ (5kg mounted weight ) and ‘Light Kit’ (3kg mounted weight) can both be adjusted to accommodate any camera / lens combination but the ‘Broadcast Kit’ is more suited to high end camera’s with film lenses matt boxes and follow focus. The ‘Light Kit’ is more suited to smaller cameras / office corporate shoots.

Ideal for stage/lectern audience events

Dual Glass Screen 'Presidential' Prompting Units (Manual)

  • Ideal for stage/lectern Live Audience Events.

  • Supplied with 30 meters of cabling as standard (50 meters on request) allowing operator station to be positioned in a convenient location.

  • SDI Output from Laptop for Projection and Large Screen Prompting.

Perfect for handheld and steadicam walking and talking PTC’s

7" Wireless & Battery Powered Over-the-Lens Unit

  • Weighs less than 2KG.

  • Powered from on-board D Tap camera batteries.

  • 5-8 meter reading distance.

  • 50mm lens clearance.

  • Top Mounting (articulated arm). Bottom mounting (articulated arm or 15mm bars)

  • Supplied with a Hollyland Mars 400s Wireless System. Sony NPF and D Tap V Lock Batteries

Designed for 2-person eyeline interviews

Dual Lighting Stand Mounted 15" Monitors

  • For when you need to shoot a scripted interview.

  • Monitors can be placed behind each contributor making it appear as thought they are looking at each other when they are actually reading a script.

  • These can also be placed to the side of the camera for a scripted interview with the correct eyeline..

Bespoke Prompting Software

Wireless & Battery Power (D Tap V Lock)

  • Available on request

Latest Gaming Laptops

  • Featuring Nvidia graphics cards for smooth scrolling.

  • SDI laptop output and monitor input on request.

© 2024 First Take Autocue. All rights reserved

© 2024 First Take Autocue. All rights reserved

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© 2024 First Take Autocue. All rights reserved